PPG software

Software for powered paragliding (paramotoring).

Have full control of your paramotor with the PBM sensor and mobile app. The sensor alerts you when the paramotor is warm enough for a smooth start. In flight, you are alerted if the engine temperature is too high and risks increased wear or even engine damage. You are warned if the fuel is running below the specified level. The alert is visual on the phone screen, or by voice into the headphones. The app guides you back to the take-off point and records the flight log automatically.

Ask for more info at: pginfo@paragware.com


  • Engine temperature sensor.
  • Pipe temperature sensor.
  • Engine RPM sensor.
  • Battery voltage sensor.
  • Gas warning sensor.
  • Fly time.
  • Engine time.
  • Navigation to the take-off point.
  • GPS speed, distance, altitude.
  • Audio warnings (temperature, gas, battery).
  • Engine, Pipe, RPM live graphs.
  • Flight logbook.


The app connects to the paramotor sensor via Bluetooth BLE.


PBM Sensor

The sensor is built with high quality materials to ensure maximum durability. The components are assembled in the Czech Republic. The wireless connection of the sensor to the mobile phone makes the solution very robust.